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TeAM  Your Greater China Business Partner


Business Consulting

From company structure, business proposal, to statutory requirement, financial plan, and systems resourcing, we can help.


Tax Planning

We are here to assist you with your understanding of the tax regulations, and tax planning opportunity, whether you are a proprietor, corporation, or individual tax filer.  We can also take the tax filing routine away from your business work for outsourcing help.



Our audit team is professional, experienced with international accounting standards, China GAAP, and Hong Kong GAAP.  We also keep the highest business ethics, maintain the integrity of our audit work to the best that we can.


Transaction Services

In these days of increasing work productivity, you would not imagine how we can assist you in outsourcing the transaction work just as well, such as in the area of payroll processing, individual tax deductions, accounting and disbursement services, and most of all, taking care of the local statutory compliance for you, so you may concentrate 100% of your attention to the field development.



Let's explore the other opportunity of outsourcing.  We are here when you are ready to discuss.

TeamPayroll Services

You will not want to miss our outstanding payroll services, on your location, trouble-free, and it is an economical way to offer professional services to your employees, team contributors.  Both local and expatriate payroll, benefits plan, and individual tax return are covered. 



          NEWS 新闻

               September 2009   

               We celebrated our 10th anniversary of providing first-rate business services to many of our clients for just as many years

                              -- "a great milestone", said our founding partner.


               -- 一个伟大的里程碑,我们的创始合伙人说。


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