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Audit Services

Most entities today expect more than cost-efficiency from their audit. They want value-added service. TeAM delivers both.

Entities selecting TeAM to perform their audit are selecting a firm with a reputation for integrity and exceptional professional standards.

Our professionals have industry-specific experience and training that helps them further refine their efforts to meet your particular circumstances.

These professionals begin your audit by first gaining an understanding of your business. We do this by reviewing with you important areas such as your companys strategic vision before we make a preliminary review of your operations. We look at information regarding environmental factors, past experiences and concerns, and your accounting system and internal controls.

We also look at the interrelationship of critical transaction cycles and financial statement assertions by studying the connection between accounts like sales, receivables, and cash receipts, so that our audit program adequately addresses the risks involved and we effectively devote our resources.

We develop a tailored audit program specific to your business that is based on our understanding of it and our assessment of the risks involved. TeAM, our audit approach, uses audit software tools to reduce the time we spend on various routine functions and enable us to focus on understanding your business and its risks.

A byproduct of our audit is a letter of observations and recommendations to improve and strengthen accounting or operating issues at your company. In addition, our audit work papers are automated and amounts flow directly into your tax returns, which helps to insure accurate and cost-effective tax return preparation.

We provide you with a more cost-effective, value-added assessment by combining all this information with our knowledge of the industry and our experience working with companies like yours.

All will generate the same benefits: a value-added audit at the lowest possible cost.

Due Diligence

At TeAM, we see due diligence as a way to improve acquisition success and returns. That is why we review the business -- its dynamics and processes -- as well as the numbers, because the risks inherent in acquisitions rarely appear in the numbers until its too late.

Our multidisciplinary expertise, covering corporate reengineering, synergy restructuring, legal, tax, and combined this with our knowledge about accepted regulatory practices, TeAM is all directed at creating value by focusing on those areas where you will see immediate benefit.

Purchase price adjustments - We bring "value analysis" to the level of the purchase price agreement and seek to reduce acquisition costs through price adjustments, tax structuring, and asset-adjustment opportunities.

Business upsides - We focus on opportunities to improve business performance through revenue enhancement, cost reduction, and improved asset utilization.

Risk reduction and management - We focus on reducing and managing both inherent business risk and transaction risk to increase the likelihood of acquisition success. Our approach is not merely to identify potential problems and risk areas but to provide solutions as to how they can be overcome.


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          NEWS 新闻

               September 2009   

               We celebrated our 10th anniversary of providing first-rate business services to many of our clients for just as many years

                              -- "a great milestone", said our founding partner.


               -- 一个伟大的里程碑,我们的创始合伙人说。


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