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Tax Planning


Income Tax Planning Services

Our experienced tax staff will work with you to develop tax planning strategies specifically designed to minimize your tax liability.

Tax Treaties and Transfer Pricing

Opportunities of these kinds may be captured to reduce taxes paid in the respective countries. Well help you design your business structure that takes advantage of these tax saving opportunities.

Tax Deferral

Several opportunities may arise to defer taxes, including trades, retirement plans, and changes in business structure. We'll work with you to put together a tax plan that takes advantage of these deferral opportunities.

Depreciation and Amortization

We'll advise you about asset lives and depreciation methods that give you the best tax advantage.

Sales of Business Assets

The sale of business assets can result in a significant income tax liability. It's important to plan the structure of the sale in order to minimize the tax ramifications.

Cashing Out of Retirement Plans

We hope you won't do it. But if you simply must cash out of your retirement plan, we will advise you about how to structure your withdrawal.


It's important that you take advantage of all the deductions you have available.

Business Start Up Expenses, Moving Expenses, Travel, Rental

We'll advise you how much of these expenses are deductible and about any record-keeping that may be required.

Income Taxes

Owing income tax is bad enough. We don't want the amount of the tax to be a surprise as well. We monitor income taxes for our business clients all year, providing a report each quarter with advice about quarterly estimated tax payments and an annual projection of estimated tax liability.

Remember - Tax planning can cut the share the government takes of your hard-earned dollars. We're here to help you minimize your tax liability.

Personal Tax Planning and Preparation of Tax Records

Eliminate tax anxiety

Careful tax planning is essential in helping you avoid costly errors in tax reporting. We provide expert advice to assist you in understanding tax law changes and how they affect your business.

We handle everything

We handle all your tax reporting requirements for Hong Kong & China taxes. We protect your interests, save you time and provide the completed forms to you for your review prior to the filing date. All you do is mail the forms and any payments necessary in the envelope we provide.

We help plan your taxes

We can't change the tax laws, but we can make sure that your records are in order, your returns are completed on time, and you receive all the deductions to which you are entitled. With proper tax planning, we can help you lower your tax bill.

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          NEWS 新闻

               September 2009   

               We celebrated our 10th anniversary of providing first-rate business services to many of our clients for just as many years

                              -- "a great milestone", said our founding partner.


               -- 一个伟大的里程碑,我们的创始合伙人说。


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