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No More Payroll Headaches for Your Business


TeamPayroll frees you from the hassle of calculating payroll deductions, filling out payroll forms, keeping track of deadlines, and complying with MPF rules. With TeamPayroll services, every payday can be fast, easy, and error-free.


Your Single Source of Payroll Outsourcing


Our everyday standard fees are as follows.  Please feel free to call, email, or fax to us any of your enquiries or request for setting up a time to discuss your requirement. 

Telephone:  (852)-3173-8300     Fax:  (852)-2626-0100    



Hong Kong based Employee

Setup Fee

HK$100 per employee

Monthly Processing Fee

HK$50 per employee

MPF, Employee Insurance Setup Fee

HK$100 per employee per program

56B, 56F, 56G

HK$100 per employee

Reports Included in Monthly Payroll Fee

Income Report, Pay Slip, Accounting Report, Employer Payroll Report

 PRC based Hong Kong Employee

Basic Fees and Reports

Same for HK-based Employee

PRC Tax Planning Session

HK$3,000 per hour

Tax Equalization Setup

HK$2,000 per PRC expatriate

PRC Employment Registration for Expat

HK$2,000 per PRC expatriate

Monthly IIT Tax Filing for Expat

HK$200 per PRC expatriate

Annual Expat Hypo Tax Reconciliation Report

HK$2,000 per PRC expatriate


We provide other professional services in Hong Kong and China.  Please visit other part of our web site for more detail.

Prices are subject to change without notice.  Discount will be given for new client signing up for 10 or more employees.

To learn more about these services, please contact us at 


          NEWS 新闻

               September 2009   

               We celebrated our 10th anniversary of providing first-rate business services to many of our clients for just as many years

                              -- "a great milestone", said our founding partner.


               -- 一个伟大的里程碑,我们的创始合伙人说。


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